This is how we roll

This is how we roll: Off the Grid in a Public Middle School

Christopher Dymond, renewable energy analyst for the Oregon Department of Energy often says, “You can’t have your renewable energy cookies until you eat your conservation vegetables”.  The value of installing renewable energy on one’s home or work place can be made dramatically cheaper by first understanding the energy loads in the space and investigating ways or reducing energy consumption first. Jessica Levine takes that message to heart.  She bikes to school, rain or shine, parking her two wheel transporter underneath the white board at the front of her classroom.

Her commitment to sustainable living permeates the classroom space and she furthers her personal example of low impact teaching by posting mantras around the room that help to motivate students to relax, and remain present and mindful when making decisions.  Jessica is eating her conservation vegetables and helping her students develop a taste for them too.

With a steadfast commitment to conservation in place, Jessica set out to find a way to bring renewable power into the classroom and approached Solar 4R Schools to develop a solar electric system with data monitoring equipment for her Science classroom.  For this newsletter we invite Jessica to tell us the story of how she integrates living and teaching conservation and renewable energy in the classroom.  After reading Jessica’s story if you are interested in a solar roller for your classroom please contact our project management team.

Shine on!

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