Scrolls as Science Journals

Scrolls as Science Journals, Science Scope, July 2004
(click this link to access the NSTA store to view or purchase article)

Lab notebooks and field journals are essential tools for scientists. Quite often science journals contain so many drawings that they begin to resemble an artist’s sketchbook. Journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks are all systems that make meaning possible, but scrolls go further.

Unlike journals and notebooks, scrolls allow for changes over time to be seen at once, providing students with a complete view of phenomena. Pages can inadvertently segment both the process of investigation and the content being investigated. Scrolls are excellent tools for documenting and displaying the continuity of natural processes that exhibit periodicity, cycles, or predictable patterns. Furthermore, they allow for the easy integration of science and art, providing students with a tangible and creative tool to document scientific phenomena. With scrolls teaching and learning become boundless. Unravel the wonders of science while blending art into the “picture” by incorporating this engaging activity into your curriculum.

The scroll is an excellent tool for both documentation and display, and is a natural vehicle for an interdisciplinary approach to learning. It is also an important tool for student assessment and cooperative learning.

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