Select publications:

Levine, Jessica C and Mosko, Emilie, “A Groovy NGSS Phenomenon for Chemistry Concepts“, Chemistry Solutions, AACT, Volume 5, November 2018

Levine, Jessica C. Scrolls as Science Journals, Science Scope, v27 n9 p18-20 Jul-Aug 2004 (masters thesis on breaking free from the page of the standard science journal)

Levine, Jessica  C, This is how we roll, Bonneville Environmental Foundation Solar 4R Schools, Dave’s Corner (using student deployed solar panels to offset classroom electrical needs)

Levine, Jessica C, Slow the flow: reducing water consumption and liquid waste in a Science Classroom (ways to green-up your classroom lab)

Levine, Jessica C, Gifts from the Sea, East Meets West Foundation (dreaming of phosphorescence and democratic dining in Halong Bay)


A Home For K–12 Chemistry Teachers, By A. Maureen Rouhi, Chemical and Engineering News, V 91 I 37, September 16, 2013

Lovejoy, Ann, Evergreen School project is a boost to a wetland–and outdoor education, Seattle Times, March 2000 (overview of a grant funded restoration project)

Gee, Robin, Integrating Global Education In Every Discipline, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Annual Conference 2011 (reference to Jessica’s Clean Water Challenge curriculum)


University of Washington LIFE Center–Learning in Informal and Formal Environments

The Teaching Channel, Next Generation Science Squad

Boeing Centennial Scholars Project, Science and Innovation Series

Ocean Acidification Curriculum Collection


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