VOICES 2019 conference

I participated in the VOICES conference this weekend. This is the first virtual conference I have attended/participated in, other than a webinar. No flight, no badge, no bag of unwanted promotional materials. Just people talking about STEM and learning through music from the comfort of their homes and offices from all around the world.

I gave a talk about using CCR to teach CCR.

Here’s the poster description: Understanding the three types of heat transfer and the rule of heat flow is paramount to mastery of thermodynamics. How can 6th graders master these concepts? Of course, sing about them. Seeing an obvious witty connection to use CCR to teach CCR terms, veteran middle school physical science teacher Jessica Levine created her first parody song for her students. This video poster presentation will include philosophy for engaging middle level students with songs for science content, and why this methodology sticks. The poster will highlight the teacher’s process in creating parody songs, and comment particularly on feedback from education leaders on this song specifically. Finally, it will feature middle school students singing about Conduction, Convection, Radiation, and Equilibrium to Clearance Clearwater Revival! You can’t get cold tonight, so join in for this hot presentation.