Following Her Footsteps

Jessica gave a public talk for Earth Day about following in the footsteps of Dr. Jane Goodall as naturalist and environmental educator. Here she shares the story how Dr. Jane Goodall influenced her to study biology, ecology, and conservation and later become a teacher. Jessica is not simply educating good scientists, she’s raising sustainable savvy citizens. The future of our planet depends on it. Her classroom is a place of practice to model resource conservation and environmental learning, action, and change.

Join Jessica here she gives a public talk for Earth Day 2017, on April 20 in the Eckstein Middle School auditorium. See her photographs from world travels, wildlife, and adventures.

Watch the full talk below.

This public talk and subsequent videos were supported in part from The Patsy Collins Award for Excellence in Education, Environment, and Community given by The Seattle Foundation and Islandwood.