jess at ISB

Jessica speaking about STEM education and professional development as the Spotlight Teacher at Seattle’s Institute for Systems Biology Valerie Logan Center for Education Luncheon

Jessica has presented her curriculum at numerous local and national conferences.  She has been invited to speak on Sustainability Education and integrated systems thinking curriculum.  She weaves stories with poetic prose and her compelling photographs.

2019, November 6: Using NGSS Practices to Explore Chemistry Concepts: Arguing from Evidence. AACT Webinar

2019, September 22: Using CCR to Teach CCR: Creedence Clearwater Revival to Teach Conduction, Convection, and Radiation. VOICES Conference

2019, March 2: School Learning Garden Network Winter Workshop Keynote Address, “Let Them Eat Kale: Growing Problem Solvers from the Ground Up”, Pathfinder K-8 School, Seattle

2018, November 8: Spotlight Teacher at the Valerie Logan Center for Education Luncheon at the Institute for Systems Biology. 

2018, AACT Webinar: Using NGSS Practices to Explore Chemistry Concepts: Phenomenon, Modeling, and Arguing from Evidence, October 17, 2018

2017, “Following Her Footsteps: Conservation, Inspiration, and Women in Science”, Earth Day, April, 2017

2016, Engineering and the Design Process: Real World Classroom Resources for grades 4-12, PBS Learning Media Teacher Webinar, WGBH Boston.

2016, American Chemical Society Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference, Portland, Oregon: Education Resources Designed to Share Sustainable Solutions to Plastics and Materials; Polymers for the Planet: Engaging Students in Sustainable Solutions

2015, August:  Guest Lecturer: Using the Community as a Learning Platform. Antioch University and Islandwood’s inaugural Masters in Urban Environmental Education Program

2011,  National Science Teachers Conference, San Francisco

2011, EEAW and WSTA joint conference:  Science and Sustainability: Making Connections in a Diverse World.

2011,  National Art Education Association, National Conference, Seattle, WA: panelist: A Conversation with Mark Dion – Artistic inquiry, Scientific Inquiry, and Inquiry-Based Learning Connecting contemporary artistic practice with teaching practice

2010 and 2009, Sustainable Educators Summer Institute, Islandwood, Bainbridge Island, Washington

2009, NSTA Regional Conference, Portland, OR:  Panelist in a Renewable Energy Curriculum Conversation

2007,  Reinventing Green: Environmental Education in a Changing World, the 17th Annual Conference of the Environmental Education Association of Washington

Participant comments:

This is the exact session I wanted to see. An actual teacher doing actual sustainable lessons and themes in their classroom. Very useful for me because I am newly getting involved and aware, and I need tools and examples to use. This started me off in the right direction. I just need to change my perception! Thanks!”–SESI Participant

“Jessica has answers for everything–collaborate and use community resources and engage students in REAL problems.  She’s inspiring.”–SESI participant

Your workshop rocks! Looking at my notes and thinking back on it this morning, what you’re talking about is simple on the face of it, yet because of how things have been done for so long, the changes you describe in your own classroom amount to a shift in the three areas you touched on. To me that’s the sign of a good workshop – walking away and thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ and ‘I can do some of the things she’s talking about’.”—Dave W, WSTA/EEAW participant

“Thank you so much for presenting in my session at the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference. Participants were very impressed with the quality and impact of your work.”–Jane E. Wissinger, Ph.D. Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor & Organic Laboratory Director University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry

Want Jessica to speak to or work with your group? Contact her at

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