Polymers for the Planet

Classroom teacher Jessica Levine worked alongside Boeing engineers Kay Blohowiak and Jill Seebergh to develop Polymers for the Planet, a module of instruction that not only seamlessly interjects authentic industry practices into the classroom, but also builds student awareness about how they can have an impact on the world around them. The unit revisits the properties of matter and introduces students to polymeric materials and their properties, with hands-on activities that explores types and uses of plastics and reinforced plastic composites, as well as recycling/upcycling of plastics and composites.

Video and pdfs of the lessons are here. 

I am looking forward to delivering a unit with such an excellent global and environmental focus that I am sure will empower most students!”–Katelen Phelan, Sylvester Middle School, WA

Kathryn Davis shares her experience with teaching the Polymers for the Planet unit to her high school biology students, helping them recognize that plants provide more than we think . Read her thoughts on the Teaching Channel blog.

“Thank you so much for presenting in my session at the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference. Participants were very impressed with the quality and impact of your work. I also viewed your whole video and website from The Teaching Channel.  The resources and materials for students and teachers were outstanding and a cut above what I have seen thus far.”– Jane E. Wissinger, Ph.D. Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor & Organic Laboratory Director University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry

“I skimmed through the documents, and it’s such a cool lesson set. Very impressive work. I plan on sharing with our middle school science teachers…the formulations you showed in Portland looked very promising for generating excitement with students. “–Nick Robertson, Associate Professor of Chemistry,  Northland College, WI


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