Healthy Eating

Oxygen is fundamentally important to our lives. Oxidation occurs when other elements are chemically combined with oxygen; rust is a classic example of Iron and Oxygen forming Iron oxide.They Might Be Giants sing about it so well: “Iron is a metal, you see it everyday; Oxygen eventually will make it rust away”

We need Iron in our blood to bond that Oxygen. Yet, with each breath we take we oxidize our cells, slowing aging. The secret to long life?

Green. Leafy. Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are great antioxidants. Antioxidants slow the aging process that occurs every time we breathe and oxidize our cells.

So, let them eat KALE!

Students who make this, try this (care for it or not ), and provide EVIDENCE (this is Science class after all!) of having done so, can receive extra credit.
There is no deadline on living a long life: There is NO deadline on receiving extra credit for the Kale project. Live long. Eat your antioxidants!

Listen to what students and families say:

“You were so right!! They were really good. My family loved it and so it was gone in two days.”–student EY

“Thomas joined me in making toasted crispy kale and we all pronounced the results delicious — ate it all up too quickly, before we remembered to take a picture!”–parent

“I hope this is good proof.  I think it tastes great.  I am glad I made it.  I will probably make it many more times because my family loves it too.”–Student

Please keep working in anything you can about nutrition, I love it!–parent, SA

“Just wanted to let you know that we tried your crispy kale recipe, and it was great!  My youngest was the only one who didn’t care for it too much… everyone else gobbled it down!  The unthinkable even happened… they asked for seconds!! “–parent, MW

“I just had to tell you how awesome the kale chips are. S made some tonight and we all just gobbled them up–including his 8 year old sister who is very picky (and gluten free).  These snacks satisfied her on both fronts! Thanks for passing on such a fun and healthy recipe!  We will make these again for sure.”–parent, Alison

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