Clean Water Challenge

The Clean Water Challenge connects science content to current events, local environmental issues, and citizen action. Relevance in the science classroom is critical, important, and innovative.

Students engage in a meaningful challenge to clean a sample of water in order to apply knowledge of mixtures and solubility. Some students model waste water, some model drinking water, and others model storm water.  I want students to learn that they have the science knowledge to complete a challenge, to protect water quality, and to make a difference in their local and global community. Working collaboratively with my colleagues has been a source of joy and success for all involved.

Additional information on integrating water and sustainability:

Take your own challenge (pledge) with the Pacific Northwest Clean Waters Challenge

Curbing Storm Water Pollution in Cascadia

Water, Science, and Civics: Engaging Students with Puget Sound

Lost and (Puget) Sound: Restore Our Waters–a Seattle Public Utilities Storm Water film

a little poem:

All was quiet in polluted Puget Sound

Not even Chinook, the locals, swam around

Fertilizers, oil, and trash filled their home

Not to mention the silt from washed-away loam

But Ms. Levine’s students devised a plan

to return natural filtration to the land

“Bioswales! Bioswales! Bioswales!” they cry

“Now no more salmon will have to die!”

So with the help from the students, as well as the town,

Life once again returned to the Sound.

–Miranda Fisher, Intern

3 responses to “Clean Water Challenge

  1. Awesome project. You’re totally right, Jessica (and team): integrated environmental education is the key!

  2. This is a great project. Wonderful example of teaching both sustainability and scientific rigor with a very real-world subject. Explanation and commentary by the kids is just fantastic.

  3. Eliana Medina just pointed me to your website and videos. Really exciting and important work. Wonderful videography, too!

    Ruth Fruland

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