Sustainability education is a K to gray endeavor. To that end, Jessica offered a Winter Term Internship called Sustainability Education in Action. Two Oberlin College Environmental Studies students came to Seattle in January 2011 to work with students and teachers in curriculum development and instruction, and create a digital media and storytelling project about the Clean Water Challenge Project.

See Lauren and Miranda’s short film on the Clean Water Challenge page.

Lauren is now a documentary filmmaker, and Miranda is a classroom teacher.

Oberlin College student Kevin N came to serve our science department as a Curriculum Archivist in January of 2013.

Oberlin College student Erika served a 2015 internship in Science Education in the mornings with me and then afternoons with another Oberlin alumni, Zoe Dash at the Perkins School, in a unique SEED building.

Oberlin College Chemistry major, Molly, served in 2016 as the Science and Technology Education Intern at Eckstein Middle School. In addition, she helped garner another grant for storm water education.

Oberlin College Chemistry and Jazz Double degree student, and former Eckstein Middle School student Colin C, served an internship in January 2017. He produced a Coaching Corner Video to showcase our student to student coaching and collaborative practices.

Oberlin College Physics majors, Jude F and Julia D, served a Winter Term Internship in 2018, tutoring, coaching, and creating art for our curriculum units.

Oberlin College students Miche M, Paul L, and Colin C served as the first STEAM cohort in the Eckstein Oberlin Education Partnership of 2019. The team assessed barriers and opportunities for STEM and integrated curriculum as a career internship in educational consulting, and pedagogy in practice. Visit the Eckstein Oberlin Education Partnership blog at

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