I am available to consult on future curriculum projects, guide teacher professional development, and give workshops to inspire curriculum connections.

“I had a two hour consultation with Jessica during my first year of teaching.  I reached out to her because a friend highly recommended her and I was in need of some curriculum guidance during my first year of teaching 7th grade Earth Science.  During our session, Jessica asked me some questions in order to gain an understanding of my approach to curriculum and then offered some excellent suggestions for how I could take what I was already doing further.  It was very clear to me that she is a passionate and experienced teacher who thinks very carefully about curriculum.  In particular, I was excited about doing “sit spots”-outdoor student explorations of a tree and its surrounding environment throughout the year-but was struggling to design a format that would work for my 7th graders.  She immediately understood my objectives and offered some specific suggestions for how I could design the year long program to be successful and deepen the experience for students and also how to tie it in to my wider curricular plan.  It was clear that Jessica has an understanding of how to design high quality curriculum that maximizes student engagement and learning and it was also clear that she has a passion for sharing her deep and wide knowledge and expertise with other teachers.  I highly recommend her consultation services to any new teacher or teacher looking to improve their curriculum.”–Janneke Peterson, Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences

“Jessica is such a wonderful asset to any group that strives to think creatively, create change, and be its absolute best. I seriously do not know where she gets the energy to fuel her constant drive to make her classroom, community, and the world a better place. She is not just a dreamer; she is willing to put forth the hard work to make amazing things happen.” –Laura Skelton, Facing the Future

“Jessica has been a tremendous asset to the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) from its inception. Serving on its advisory board, she has been a consistent source of innovative ideas and has represented the middle school science teaching community with great insight and enthusiasm. Always upbeat, friendly, and dedicated, it’s always a pleasure working with Jessica. I recommend her highly.” –Adam Boyd, ACS, and AACT

I am looking forward to delivering a unit with such an excellent global and environmental focus that I am sure will empower most students! Thank you.”–Katelen Phelan, Sylvester Middle School, WA

I have reviewed, consulted, and contributed to many green themed curriculum and books. Here is a sampling of those projects.

• Buy, Use, Toss?: A closer look at the things we buy, Facing the Future, 2010

The Evergreen Twins Activity Book, written and illustrated by Rick Reynolds, Portland, OR, 2010

Making Connections: Engaging Students in Language, Literacy, and Global Issues, Facing the Future, 2010
Real World Math: Engaging Students through Global Issues, Facing the Future, 2009
A Hot Planet Needs Cool Kids, written by Julie Hall, Green Goat Books, 2008
Cool School Challenge, written by Puget Sound Energy, Spring 2007
Understanding Sustainability, Facing the Future: People and Planet, Spring, 2007

I have also delivered numerous presentations and workshops. Here’s what participants and project coordinators have to say:

“Jessica put together a fascinating and engaging lecture about the science of sustainability and delivered it skillfully to an audience with little prior knowledge about the topic. We would be excited to have her back to lecture again!”–Jaal Mann, Sustainability in Prisons Project Coordinator

“This is the exact session I wanted to see. An actual teacher doing actual sustainable lessons and themes in their classroom. Very useful for me because I am newly getting involved and aware, and I need tools and examples to use. This started me off in the right direction. I just need to change my perception! Thanks!”–SESI Participant

“Jessica has answers for everything–collaborate and use community resources and engage students in REAL problems.  She’s inspiring.”–SESI participant

“Your workshop rocks! Looking at my notes and thinking back on it this morning, what you’re talking about is simple on the face of it, yet because of how things have been done for so long, the changes you describe in your own classroom amount to a shift in the three areas you touched on. To me that’s the sign of a good workshop – walking away and thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ and ‘I can do some of the things she’s talking about’.”—Dave W, WSTA/EEAW participant

please contact me at at gmail dot com

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